Increasing Produce Life by Decreasing Temperatures

From food safety to increased storage life, it's widely recognized that precooling produce is essential in today's increasingly complex food chain. We also know how critical and potentially complex the services and equipment to accomplish this can be.

Consistently and reliably going the extra mile.

Ranging from pressure cooling to HydroVacTM cooling, there are several different cooling processes available to help cool, process and ship the range of vegetables and fruit grown today - and we can help you with them all.

One of the reasons we've been able to build and maintain our leadership position is our equipment. In fact we like it so much, we don't sell it - and we don't service anyone else's. And the services we deliver to support and maintain this equipment - where you are, when you need us. Why are we so flexible? Because we're interested in and care about your needs, and your business.