Why (and How) to Precool Produce

There are several approaches to precooling produce, each with a unique set of benefits and situations where it is best applied. At Western Precooling we can help you with:

Vacuum Cooling is used primarily with head lettuce. During the process, produce is placed in a vacuum retort. The atmospheric pressure is reduced to a point where water boils and evaporates at 32° F.

Hydrocooling removes field heat from produce by cascading chilled water over the product. It's used primarily with tree fruits and other low-moisture produce.

Pressure Cooling is used mainly for strawberries, cantaloupe, and cauliflower. To cool the produce, cold air is pulled by the product at a high velocity.

HydroVacTM Cooling boasts the advantages of vacuum cooling and hydrocooling. By spraying water on the product just before the flash point of the vacuum cycle, produce with low moisture content is cooled without being dehydrated. HydroVac is used for products like leaf lettuce, celery, and sweet corn.